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Dallycot ships with a number of namespaces as core libraries. To use any of them, simply add the following to your ~/.dallycot file.

uses "http://www.dallycot.net/ns/something/1.0/#";

This will allow you to use definitions described in the document at http://www.dallycot.net/ns/something/1.0/. Of course, change the URL to match that of the library’s. Even though the browser doesn’t need the hash (#) at the end, included it when referencing the library.

CLI Library http://www.dallycot.net/ns/cli/1.0/#
Core Library http://www.dallycot.net/ns/core/1.0/#
Date/Time Library http://www.dallycot.net/ns/date-time/1.0/#
Linguistics Library http://www.dallycot.net/ns/linguistics/1.0/#
Linked Open Code Library http://www.dallycot.net/ns/loc/1.0/#
Math Library http://www.dallycot.net/ns/math/1.0/#
Stream Library http://www.dallycot.net/ns/streams/1.0/#
String Library http://www.dallycot.net/ns/strings/1.0/#