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The best way to learn how to write is by trying to imitate the best thigs you’ve read. These tutorials encourage you to learn Dallycot by imitating what you read here.

The tutorials use dallycot in its interactive and execution modes. Each part of a tutorial will let you know which mode it expects you to use.

When using the interactive mode, dallycot will run a startup script to set up initial parameters. The tutorials assume you have the following in your ~/.dallycot file:

uses "http://www.dallycot.net/ns/core/1.0#";
uses "http://www.dallycot.net/ns/linguistics/1.0#";
uses "http://www.dallycot.net/ns/math/1.0#";
uses "http://www.dallycot.net/ns/streams/1.0#";
uses "http://www.dallycot.net/ns/strings/1.0#";

Interactive mode will automatically add the command line interface library to this list.

Tutorial Conventions

Style Use
Normal text Tutorial narrative and explanitory text
monospace Code fragments or blocks; variable, program, or function names
underlined monospace Text you enter at a command prompt
bold monospace Result of running a command in dallycot


  1. Hello world
  2. Labels and Types
  3. Making a Decision
  4. Traversing a Sequence